Soul Urge Numbers: A Guide To The Desires Of Your Soul

The house of numerology has countless rooms within it. Each door reveals an eye-opening revelation for those who seek it.

These discoveries could either be our life paths introducing us to our authentic selves or leading us to our angel numbers that proclaim the divine guidance for our lives. 

Regardless of what you may be like before entering these doors, you will come out with an enhanced introspection about yourself.

One of the doors we will explore in this article is the one that guides you to your soul urge number. So take your notebooks in hand and delve into the secrets of your soul!

What Are Soul Urge Numbers?

Starting with the basics, your soul urge number takes you on a journey of exploring your inner self. You may put on a facade for the world, but your soul urge number reveals the real you.

It shows a broader view of who you are and declares the messages that your soul wishes to communicate with you.

The soul urge number can be found through the number of vowels in your full name. This may seem bizarre, but the connection between the vowels in your name and your soul is profound.

If you notice closely, the vowels come out as free-flowing sounds. For instance, aaaaaa, eeeeee, iiiiiii, oooooo, uuuuuu. You do not have to employ extra effort to voice out the vowels.

In contrast, consonants have a particular impression. Their speech sound is not as expansive and has a sharp edge. For instance, L, B, D, Q, R, and others. They do not flow as softly as the vowels do. 

What if I confess that there is a reason for that? The vowels are a representation of your warm side. They reveal the delicateness within you, your compassionate, humane, and tender side.

Consonants, on the other hand, illustrate the hard shells you wear before interacting with the world. They shield these parts that could make you look vulnerable in any way possible.

Thus, your soul urge number allows a glance into how your life is without its persona. No matter how badly you want to do this, you can never entirely detach yourself from your true self.

A hint of it appears in everything you do, whether you like it or not. Through your soul urge number, you can see why you make the choices that you do and your underlying objectives behind every decision or action.

The soul urge number is regarded as one of your life’s three core numerology numbers. It’s powerful enough to have a dramatic influence on some significant aspects of your life, including your career, partner, and the world around you.

Identifying The Vowels

According to the rules of English, there are five vowels: a, e, i, o, and u. However, as the history of calculating soul urge numbers goes, the alphabet y is also given considerable importance as a vowel.

But this does not happen at all times. So let’s find out when to use “y” as a vowel and when to regard it as a consonant.

Every time that “y” is used in a word and it makes the sound of a vowel, it’ll be considered as a vowel.

A few examples to help you understand this better include words like “try,” “berry,” “sky,” “scary,” and “pretty.” Thus, if your name is “Daisy,” “Zachary,”

“Anthony,” “Zoey,” etc., the alphabet “y” will be a vowel. Contrastingly, “y” will lose the title of a vowel when it sounds like a syllable. Example words include “yacht,” “yummy,” “yes,” etc. 

Now that this query has been resolved let’s calculate your soul urge number.

How To Calculate Your Soul Urge Number

As mentioned earlier, your soul urge number depends on the number of vowels in your name. It’s then calculated through the numerical value each vowel holds according to numerology. The following table will inform you about each vowel’s numerical value.

A = 1

E = 5

I = 9

O = 6

U = 3

Y =7

To start, you must write your name on a piece of paper. Note that this includes your first, middle, and last name. 

Next, separate the vowels from the name and note them below your name. So if your name is Ben Arthur Wood, you must note down your vowels in the following way.



Place the numerical value of each vowel in front of it and them all together.

E – 5

A – 1

U – 3

O – 6

O – 6

The total of all the numbers is coming to 21. 

Take the two-digit number obtained in the step above and add it further to have a single-digit number (2+1=3). You must remember that if the two-digit number is 11, 22, or 33, there is no need to add them further. These soul urge numbers are 

Thus the soul urge number of Ben Arthur Wood is 3! You can apply the same steps for your name and find out your own soul urge number.

Meaning Of Soul Urge Numbers

The final and pivotal point in our soul urge number journey gives you an insight into the brief meaning of each soul urge number. For more detailed explanations, tune into our individual soul urge numbers articles. 

Soul Urge Number 1

Soul urge number revolves around qualities of independence and leadership. Number 1s are people who pave their own ways and challenge themselves to perform better every time. The downside of this is that it leads them to have high expectations from people around them. 1s are hard workers and achievers and can be really inventive when plotting solutions for a problem.

Soul Urge Number 2

Numbers 2s have a compassionate soul. They make sure everyone around them is heard and understood. Number 2s can be relied on with your deepest secrets and are the best people to be around when you feel low. 2s are overflowing with positivity but need to ensure that people don’t misuse their helping nature.

Soul Urge Number 3

Soul urge number 3 people are impactful influencers. They are party crackers and a powerhouse of excitement and fun. Number 3s are creative beasts and love to express themselves through fashion, art, or other creative pursuits. 

Soul Urge Number 4

Number 4s are punctual people and want everything around them to be organized. You can call them control freaks due to their desire for everything to follow the pattern advised by them. Number 4s do not have to fear failure since once they set their minds to something, they manifest its success.

Soul Urge Number 5

Soul urge number 5 people are tremendously attractive individuals. They are charismatic, witty, fearless, and have a contagious laughter that draws people toward them. They do everything they do with passion, especially adventure and exploration activities. They are people who can bring color to any black-and-white situation.

Soul Urge Number 6

Number 6s are caregivers. They put others’ needs before them and provide immense care for everyone and everything around them. Be it their friends, partners, children, animals, nature, or strangers. Number 6s are selfless and possess a gift for guiding and teaching. However, they must ensure that they only share their love with people who deserve it and would do the same for them. They love to eat and portray extraordinary calmness even in the face of imminent danger.

Soul Urge Number 7 

Number 7s are deep thinkers. They find comfort in loneliness and usually resort to an empty space or nature when they are troubled. These individuals overthink a situation a million times before acting upon it. This soul urge number tells its people that they possess the gift of exceptional wisdom and need to move forward with their gut. They need to put their skepticism aside and trust their inner voice before making a decision.

Soul Urge Number 8

Number 8 signifies abundance in every aspect of life, whether it is a career, relationship, or health. They are people whose pots will always be full, and the best part about them is that they are always willing to share. They have an authoritative aura that makes it easy for them to take leadership roles.

Soul Urge Number 9

Number 9s take up more pressure than they can handle. They love to help but would never ask for assistance themselves. They see it as their god-given responsibility to help others and hence overwork themselves. Their soul wants them to take a break and live for themselves instead of others.

Soul Urge Number 11

Number 11s are a merger between the qualities of number 1s and the features of number 2s. Their life experiences have shaped them into influential individuals and leaders. They prove to be valuable friends but can often end up doubting themselves. Their soul wants them to know that a lot of talent is buried within them, and all they need is to channel it out. 

Soul Urge Number 22

Number 22s are smart workers and are motivated by the passion for bringing their life-changing ideas to life. They desire security in life and are goal-oriented individuals driven by success.

Soul Urge Number 33

Soul urge number 33 people are incredibly empathetic individuals. They want everyone around them to be loved and cared for. They have a strong spiritual connection with the divine powers. Number 33s have a humanitarian mindset, and it makes them immense joy when they can be of service to others.