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Numerology: Calculate Your Personality Number And Find the Meaning Behind It

Let’s be true to ourselves here. At some point or the other in your life, you have all tried to find out your purpose.

Discovering your spiritual calling may have intrigued you at a certain stage. The question regarding what you look like to others and the places the universe wants to lead you to may have circulated in your mind more than once. 

Numerology is the answer to all those queries brewing in your brain. Your numerology number can help you uncover countless mysteries about your life.

These include your personality, lucky aspects, your life’s purpose, and, yes, your future. The numerology guide below will instruct you on how to find your numerology personality number.

Once that is revealed, you can find the revelations your numerology number holds for you.

personality number
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What is Numerology Personality Number?

Numerology is part of a sacred system used centuries ago to interpret people’s futures and other aspects of their life.

This was done by using their numerology personality numbers, making it easier to see those paths. 

It is often confused with astrology, but the two are poles apart. Numerology simplifies the process of understanding astrology.

It is also a tool that can answer the recurrence of a particular number in your life. It gives you a comprehensive look into your life and helps you put the pieces of the puzzle together that previously seemed impossible.

How to Calculate Your Numerology Personality Number?

Calculating your numerology number is relatively easy and requires basic math. It is the insight required to analyze the numbers that not everyone possesses.

The three ingredients for personality numbers are required for the calculation are your birth date, month number, and the year you were born.

For instance, if you were born on the 24th Oct 2001, then you will perform your calculation on each of the three figures separately.

For the date, i.e., 24, you’ll have to add up the two digits to form one (2+4=6)

For the month, i.e., the 10th, you again have to add the two digits to form one (1+0=1)

For the year, i.e., 2001, all four digits have to be added together to form 1 single digit (2+0+0+1=3)

The answers to the three stages now need to be added up together (6+1+3=10). The resultant needs to be broken down further into an individual digit (1+0=1)


Thus, in this case, your numerology number is 1!

Personality Number 1

Numbers 1s are associated with the Sun and are tough, individualistic, determined, and independent people.

In any given situation, number 1s are seen taking charge willingly. This is due to their innate passion for leading.

They wish to achieve greatness in life, however, number 1s can also be really stubborn. This may make it hard for them to handle conflicts effectively.

Number 2

Number 2s are peace-loving people. They choose harmony over fights and are the most compassionate and kind people out there.

They like making friends and are incredibly loyal. 2s crave attention and desire unconditional love.

However, they can be really sensitive and may sacrifice more of themselves than is needed to make others happy.

Number 3

Number 3s are the entertainers. They have a creative spirit and attract the spotlight at any event.

They have cheerful personalities and are excellent at expressing themselves. Numerology number 3 people are good at expressing their emotions but can sometimes get too dramatic.

They wish to enjoy every day of their lives and want people around them to have a good time too.

Number 4

Number 4s are the toilers. They are excellent builders and even better problem, solvers. They think practically and have a serious outlook on life.

This may make them seem unapproachable, but they can be highly dependable once you know them. They live by the book and are blunt about their opinions.

Number 5

Number 5s are the adventurers. They have curious minds and are always ready to explore. This makes it hard for them to stay in one place for a long time.

They love to travel even the most dangerous places, and their bravery backs them up for it. Number 5s act on impulse, which does not make them reliable.

They are a free-spirit and wish to live a non-mundane life.

Number 6

Number 6s are the parental figures in the group. They are compassionate, great helpers, and always looking out for others.

These individuals are highly responsible and like taking care of others comes naturally to them.

Number 6s wish to start a family and settle down and are incredibly loving. However, they can be a bit meddlesome and feel like their way is the highway.

Number 7

Number 7s are the mysterious ones. They look at people as if they know their secrets but rarely talk to anyone.

They are the ones who are always accompanied by a book in hand. They are detail-oriented and wise individuals with an air of uniqueness. 

Number 8

Number 8s are the boss. Eight is also the most powerful number in numerology.

This is reflected in number 8s, who have an authoritative aura and are driven by ambition. They wish to achieve unparalleled power or riches and make it at the top of the hierarchy table.

They work very hard to achieve their dreams to the extent that they can become power-hungry. 

Number 9

Number 9s are selfless people. They like caring for the world, from its people to animals and plantations.

They are avid helpers and are not afraid to speak up when they sense injustice. They are also natural-born leaders but won’t press themselves to reach that position. 

Final Words

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