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Numerology Guide

Are you seeing certain numbers all the time? Or are numbers popping out at you from words or people’s names? If this is happening to you, then you may be interested in our numerology guide.

This numerology guide is the path of finding meanings in numbers. Each number holds certain qualities and energies attached to it. Once you determine your numerology number, you can open the gates to an extensive understanding of yourself or your loved ones. 

The second you are born, you become a part of the cosmos. This means that your life becomes synchronized with the universe. It is attached to the life path determined by the date you are born. What this date does is that it helps you gain an insight into the universe around you and the part you play in it. 

This numerology guide can be a study of self, wherein you learn about your destinies. It is vital to understand that it does not predict your future. Instead, it shows you what it can seem like based on your life path. 

Types of Numerology

The knowledge of this numerology guide had been prevailing centuries ago. Each culture had its own way of experimenting with numerology. They determine life paths in different ways. Take a look at the 4 major different types of numerology. By the end, you can determine which type of numerology is best.

Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldean Numerology is considered to be the most accurate Numerology type when it comes to making predictions. It works by analyzing the vibrations surrounding each number. Despite the unbelievable accuracy, it is not widely used. This is because of the uncertainty of how to calculate it. 

To make that possible, you can go to a psychic. Do not worry about what to ask a psychic. Tell them you are visiting to understand your Chaldean numerology and let them work the magic.

Chaldean Numerology determines your life path number through your name. Each alphabet in the English Language is assigned a number. Look at the following table to guide you about which alphabet is assigned what number.


Once you know the prerequisites of Chaldean Numerology guide, it is time to start with it. Lay out the alphabets of your first name on a piece of paper. Below each alphabets, write the number assigned to them. After that, add up all the numbers. You will get a two-digit number at the end. Separate the digits and add them. You now have your Chaldean Numerology number that will determine your life path.

2. Pythagoras Numerology

People around the world use the famous Pythagorean Numerology. It works around the numerology numbers 1-9. The main idea behind Pythagorean numerology is that your birth date holds the meaning of what your future is going to be. 

Every number within the range is said to exude vibrations. These vibrations are key to finding both the positive and the negative aspects of your life. If you are wondering about how often should you get a psychic reading, put that thought to rest. We have cracked down the code to Pythagoras Numerology for you. 

Pythagoras numerology guide relies on 6 numbers that determine a different aspect of your life.

Life Path number

This is calculated by using your date of birth. Write down your birth date in the form dd/mm/yyyy. Add all the numbers as single digits together. The final answer will be a 2-digit number. You are then required to add the 2 digits together to get one digit that will be your life path number. The life path numbers inform you about your personality and how each stall in your life’s path will look. Be it career or marriage, your life path number has got you covered.

Personality Number

The numerology personality number is.

Personality Number 1Personality Number 2
Personality Number 3Personality Number 4
Personality Number 5Personality Number 6
Personality Number 7Personality Number 8
Personality Number 9

Birth Day Number

This is similar to the life path number but only uses your birth date specifically. Write your birth date on paper and add both of them together. You will get a single digit that will be your birth date number. The birth date number helps you reveal the talents and unique gifts that you were born with.

First Impression Number

This uses the combination of your date of birth and the month you were born. Write out these requirements on paper as separate digits. Pick them as single digits and add them. You will be left with a two-digit number which you are required to add separately together. The single-digit you have now obtained in your First Impression Number. 

As its name suggests, the First Impression Number makes you aware of what people think about you in their first meetings. It’s their first reaction towards you.

Destiny Number

This works the same way as Chaldean Numerology. It is used to remind a person all that they are capable of achieving in this world through their talents. 

Inner Soul Number

The inner soul number is obtained by lining up all the vowels in your name. Assign them their value from the above table and add the numbers. The Inner Soul Number tells you your deepest desires and what you are from the inside.

Character Number

Character Number is received by adding the numbers assigned to all the consonants in your name. It tells you what perception people hold of you from all they have heard about you.

Tamil Numerology

Tamil numerology seeks your future by using numbers ranging from 1 to 9. It is the oldest form of numerology. Thus, it has its own standards to find out what the future may seem like. 

It has its roots originating in India. It uses the famous Psychic Number, Destiny Number, and Name Number to derive accurate readings for the future.

Kabbalah Numerology

The Kabbalah Numerology guide has Hebrew origins and is likely to answer your question of which type of numerology is best. It uses a similar pathway as Chaldean Numerology. But once you have a double-digit after adding the numbers assigned to your name, the path changes. 

You are required to divide that number by 9. If this division leads you to obtain a remainder, then that remainder is your kabbalah number. However, if it is 0, you can add 1 to it, and your Kabbalah number will now be 1.