Soul Urge Number 2: A Peep Into Your Inner Self

Is your soul urge number 2? Dive into the reading below, which will guide you toward all the answers your soul is trying to communicate.

Personality Traits

People with the soul urge number 2 are peace-loving individuals and want to live a life governed by harmony. You want to live a purposeful life and can be highly sentimental and impassioned. You’re an individual with a delicate heart, and even the slightest hint of bad news can make you tear up. 

You like making friends and yearning for solace and relaxation in life. You have supreme knowledge about several worldly aspects involving entertainment, fashion, health, etc., and people count on your advice on these niches. You love the arts, especially music, and may also have a flair for musical talent.

You avoid confrontations that can get ugly and involve you hurting others’ feelings. This can result in giving in, which would allow other people to continue doing you wrong. People assume you are the weaker person in a fight because of your readiness to surrender. You must practice how to stand up for your peace, even if that involves saying no to people. 

You can be strategic at times and fabulous at persuading people to agree with you. This can help you achieve the support of the ones around you. You disapprove of using force to achieve something and would instead talk it out if things start going haywire.

The devotion expressed by number 2s in any task they indulge in is incomparable, and people can count on you to stick by through the storm. The fragility of your confidence can often lead you to experience self-doubt. You value friendship over anything else and don’t like to be misunderstood. Thus, you overdo your share of help and can become people pleasers.

Your lack of confidence makes you rely on the support of others. You always feel like you’re lacking something or not doing enough, which can result in constant self-comparison. 

You may dislike yourself due to your excessive sensitivity, but it is your sensitivity that guides you toward your intuition. You have potent instincts that can help you get to the gist of things. However, to tap into your heightened instincts, you need to take off the cloak of self-doubt and insecurities. 

Your intuition can make you wise and can make others value your counsel. Journaling about these insecurities and meditating can help you nail that task efficiently, but you have to be patient for the results to show. 

You’re an excellent mediator, and people rely on your guidance during a fight. Your natural peacemaker abilities allow you to handle altercations in such a way that both parties feel heard and satisfied. 

Love and Relationship

As a number 2, you are a giver. But it has both its benefits and disadvantages. You can easily handle your partner’s mood swings or avoid fights in a relationship. However, you must ensure that your partner deserves the efforts you are investing in for them. Otherwise, you are only draining yourself.

It doesn’t matter to you how much of yourself you give to someone as long as it makes them happy. However, you also demand the same love from your partner. You want your partner to love you as deeply as you love them. You can be the needy one in the relationship and may become increasingly dependent on your partner. Thus, even the slightest outbreak between the two of you can leave you disheveled.

You trust blindly, which makes your partner value you even more. Trusting isn’t bad, but you must be aware of the signals you pick up from your partner. You have to remind yourself that fights are inevitable in a relationship and find a healthy way to cope with them. 

Career Aspects

According to your overpowering attributes of selflessness and helping others, roles in the service sector can be ideal for you. These include NGOs, the health sector, and teaching jobs. 

Having a pure heart and a career in spiritual-based jobs can create a remarkable platform for you. For instance, jobs such as wellness coach, yoga instructor, spiritual coach, homeopath, counselor, pastor, or writer can allow you to bring your abilities to the forefront. 

If we focus on your peace-maker characteristics, you can be an excellent fit for problem-solving roles such as an accountant, analyst, detective, lawyer, etc.

Word Of Advice

Your sensitive personality can create enormous problems for you in this dog-eat-dog world. You need to learn how to tackle sensitive situations without allowing your emotions to get the better of you. 

Minor disagreements at work, in relationships, or in friendships are bound to happen. You cannot avoid them, but you must remind yourself not to become too agitated when such a situation arises. 

Making friends and strengthening your bond with them is a good thing. However, you can’t expect everyone who meets you to understand you well. Thus, if things didn’t work out with them the way you wished, it’s okay to let them go. Holding on to such people does more harm than good.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that you can be too trusting. People can misuse that amiability and try to exploit you for their benefit. Don’t be scared to confront such people and tell them when they have crossed a line. 

You need to give your hesitancy and indecisiveness a break. Instead of grieving over the features you lack, focus on the remarkable qualities that people admire you for. Work on your talents and facets that attract people to divert your attention from what is missing. 

People rely on you to fix their problems regardless of their intensity. If you put an ounce of that trust in yourself, you can do wonders. Learn to tackle your emotional issues, give less importance to the opinions people have of you, and practice letting toxic people go. Ultimately you will see your life sailing smoothly on your life journey.