Soul Urge Number 5

The soul number 5 urges for freedom to find happiness. If your soul urge number is 5, continue reading to explore your unique calling and the blueprint you’re going to leave behind in the world.

Personality Traits

As an individual with the soul urge number 5, you yearn for change. Mundane and repetitive routines aren’t for you, and you’re always looking forward to inviting something new in life. This novelty can be in terms of friendship, work, life adventures, hobbies, interests, etc. You crave variety to make life seem more attractive. Your malleable personality allows you to effortlessly embrace change and live a colorful life every day. 

Your mind is always ticking like a time bomb, and when it finally explodes, the nature of consequences is hard to predict. Your ceaselessly functioning brain ignites a fire of curiosity within you that can only be put out when you search for answers. While people may feel that you’re out on a wild goose chase when the time comes for gossip, you’re always full of it. 

On the other hand, this brain of yours also makes you a sharp communicator. You communicate articulately, and as soon as something grabs your interest, you devote all your time to exploring as much as you can about it. Thus, you never go out of words to speak or information to share. 

While other numbers aren’t as amiable to change, you welcome them with open arms. Your mental and physical reflexes are always on alert, making you an incredibly resourceful person, especially in times of crisis. When others’ brain freezes because of the complication of a situation, yours moves around freely to devise a possible solution for it.

You grasp any possibility of change lingering at your doorstep without giving it a second thought. You’re not afraid to gamble with your life, particularly when your instincts are sure the rewards will be fruitful.

You like playing the hero in everyone’s story. However, this can lead you to several unfortunate circumstances. You may end up agreeing to terms you may not be able to fulfill, making people question your reliability. 

Your inner reserves of passion and energy are always filled to the brim. However, this can occasionally make it burdensome for you to allocate those resources for a single task. This can be a hindrance in multiple aspects of your life. 

You live a rollercoaster life and never fall short of entertaining those around you. You’re constantly surrounded by people, but your tendency to open up to strangers can lead you into deep waters. You have a soft spot for humans labeled as misfits by society. You are very unlikely to live your life according to the rules set by someone else. 

Love and Relationship

5s love with a burning passion but may not always be agreeable to the option of settling with someone. You’re the people with too many flings that you may lose count of them. However, once you do find the person for whom your passion glows the brightest, you will blissfully put your adventures aside and tie yourselves to them. 

You want your partner to understand your strong inclination toward having your own freedom. You don’t want your relationships to govern your life. Therefore, you’re always reluctant to commit to long-term relationships. 

You are admired ardently by people who love you largely for your qualities of fervent zeal and acceptance toward unforeseen transitions in life. However, this friendly attitude towards change makes it challenging for you to stick with a single partner for long. On top of that, since you easily attract new partners, it doesn’t take you long to jump from one relationship to another.

Your soul urges you to understand that this approach will lead you to a lonely life. You need to start learning from every relationship. Don’t pack your suitcase and leave at the slightest bit of inconvenience. Instead, sort out your problems with your partner and experience a blossoming relationship.

Career Prospects

As suggested above, your inability to dedicate your life to a single purpose can make it grueling for you to settle for a single career. Nonetheless, your potential to adapt to divergent environments comfortably can help you in this regard.

Material prospects do not motivate you. Instead, your passion riles up when you’re given the capacity to explore new things. You’re a discoverer, not an opportunist, and seek career prospects that allow you the opportunity to utilize your qualities. Corporate jobs are definitely not your cup of tea. A controlling boss and a tedious daily routine will make you quit. At the end of the day, what actually matters is that you choose a career that you won’t detest later. 

Entrepreneurship can work ideally for number 5s. There’s a new challenge and a new risk for you every day in this field. A career that revolves around travel or vlogging also requires you to bring a new idea to the table every day. You are tasked with interacting with strangers daily and unleashing your creativity. Thus, your chances of getting bored with these careers are minimal, to say the least. 

Word Of Advice

You may not realize it, but you’re living on a pedestal. You’re constantly jumping from one option to another on the journey to find something that resonates with your soul. Instead, what you actually have to do is take a break. Slow down. Connect with yourself and listen to the advice your soul is trying to give you. 

Give time to your loved ones, and stop pushing yourself over the edge. Your life will bring a plethora of surprises, and the only way for you to stand firm through it all is to absorb each experience deeply. Learn along your voyages, and you will start feeling the fulfillment you lack. It will also assist you in making powerful strides toward self-contentment.