Soul Urge Number 4

Soul urge number 4 aspires to convey the importance of stability. If this is your soul urge number, keep reading to discover the directives your soul is guiding you to.

Personality Traits

As a soul urge number 4, you obsess over living an organized life. You like to live by the book and meet any unforeseeable event with pure disgust. You hate changes and don’t mind following the same routine every day, even though others might think of it as mundane. 

Your mind is working round the clock, and you have the ability to devise a smart plan even after waking up in the middle of the night. You’re one of the few people who can actually stick to a timetable.

You are precise about details and don’t give up until things meet your standards. You don’t jump into problems to formulate a solution. Instead, you take a tactical approach to them. You observe the issues carefully and then concoct a logical way out of them. 

You are someone who people can rely on. You don’t let emotions weaken you. This allows you to perform well even under pressure. You like to keep yourself busy, whether at work or home. This may not come off as a surprise, but most 4s are workaholics!

Starting a family is on your bucket list, and you have every quality required to become a perfect parent. However, sometimes your need to have everything go your way can suffocate your partner and children. This, in turn, would make you feel unhappy or horrible.

Keeping a flexible approach to life can be the ideal way to remove this obstacle. This can welcome harmony and peace in your life along with your soul.

You want to be loved to the fullest but are unable to demonstrate this need adequately.

Because of your unpretentious honesty, people can rely on you to give honest feedback. However, sometimes your blunt nature can hurt others, so you have to be mindful of that. You can spot fake niceties from an arm’s length away and detest people who engage in boot-licking to get ahead in life.

Diligence and unshakeable persistence to succeed makes you an ideal candidate for any enterprise. Regardless of the degree of the problem, you remain unfazed and somehow manage to devise a solution that completely uproots the problem. 

You are not interested in socializing or expanding your circle but would rather spend time in your own company. You don’t desire the spotlight even when you have done something worth the praise. 

You may be overly preoccupied with achieving perfection, that you tend to overwork others performing with you. This is governed by your desire to have stability and organization in everything you do. However, you must not get too engrossed in this, as it would make you lose sight of things that actually matter. 

The constant need to have things go your way can make people see you as a stubborn individual. In most cases, however, your logical reasoning forces these people to agree with you even when they don’t want to.

Love and Relationship

For people who matter, you make sure to love them with an extra topping of endearment. You desire that same warmth and attachment, but you get tongue-tied when it comes to expressing what you want. 

Thus, you keep a smile on your face even when you’re feeling the opposite of happy just because you struggle to be bare with your emotions. This can lead to several unsaid problems boiling in your heart, resulting in mood swings and taking your attention away from your purpose. 

You love with a practical approach which may not work out when your partner desires passion or adoration. You are not the one for repeated declarations of your love. You must remember that declaring your love for your partner is one of the most integral points for a successful relationship. This is especially necessary with children since frequent outpour of love from their parents makes them feel valued and wanted.

Keep a persistent attitude toward your relationship and remind yourself to slip in some endearing surprises for your dear ones to make them feel loved and special. Open up to your partners. This way, it’ll be easier for you to express your feelings to them.

Career Prospects

Soul urge number 4s have an overflowing determination and passion to work till their last breath. They are smart and quick thinkers, which allows them to constitute outstanding plans with an equally marvelous procedure to execute those plans. 

This makes them resonate well with careers that involve management, organization, and problem-solving. Thus, corporate-level jobs may be an excellent fit for them. Moreover, politics, training, and teaching may also be remarkable options if your core focus is on something other than earning money.

Word Of Advice

Your reserved and unsociable persona keeps you from engaging with a group of like-minded individuals or those who can help you climb the social ladder. You also have to be conversant with how critical you can be. 

Even if things aren’t working the way you planned, it doesn’t give you the right to belittle others. At the end of the day, such an appeal to people may make you unlikeable. This may also threaten your position at work. No one wants to lead a lonely and bitter life. Try to see the positives in people around you instead of constantly scrutinizing their negatives. 

Your way of seeking balance doesn’t resonate with your soul. It wants you to know that your life path goes through these people. Being able to manage the challenges and chaos of people triumphantly will help you achieve everlasting stability in life. Although this may seem testing, keep reminding yourself of the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Lastly, only invest some of your time and effort at work so that you remember to spend time with people who actually matter. Create a balance that will work out for everyone.