Soul Urge Number 3

Soul urge number 3 is one of the most free-spirited numbers in numerology. If this is your soul number, keep reading to unveil the urges of your soul and the reasons behind your decisions!

Personality Traits

Individuals with their soul urge number as 3 wish to make the most of their time anywhere. You are joyful individuals who are skilled in making friends anywhere they go. You hate being confined to a shell and would rather live an uninhibited life.

Ingenious creativity is your strongest fort whether you are utilizing it at work, to devise a plan to get out of a problem, or to interact with people. Your acquaintances admire your clever innovations, especially when you use these skills to entertain people. People love your company, and you can be the ideal partner to take along on a long journey or to spend detention with.

You’re a daydreamer who aims for the sky and lands on the stars. While you may be an entertaining talker, you shy away from talking about the essential aspects of your life. You don’t like sharing any life problems, burdens, or pains since you feel that may take away your shine as an entertainer.

You have an inventive soul that is always searching for the next big thing to work on. However, the problem with this is that you never stop. Thus, even when you are currently working on something, you’d be easily distracted by another shiny opportunity. This means you miss deadlines and can’t commit to a particular task for long. Thus, don’t be surprised if you fail. Your soul wants you to know that in order to succeed, you need to learn how to execute tasks thoroughly. 

You are always overflowing with energy which can make it hard for you to stay on a single topic. Maintaining a healthy discipline in your life can help manage that soul energy and direct it to tasks that require it the most. 

Dauntless confidence comes as second nature to you and attracts countless secret admirers toward you. You love the attention but try not to allow it to get to your head. Other than that, people love your wittiness and eccentricism. 

You’re a bucket full of talent, but this may not always be in your best interest if you don’t know how to manage it. For instance, you can suffer from severe procrastination even when making simple decisions like which book to read. 

Since you are always on the lookout for the next appealing activity you can engage in; you forget to appreciate the beauty of the things you’re currently involved in. This is a major reason why you are constantly dissatisfied. Constant dissatisfaction can lead to depression. Thus, instead of allowing your eyes to roam, make yourself fall in love with everything you do.

Love and Relationship

For people with soul urge number 3, attracting a partner is not a complex task. Your list of secret admirers is never-ending. Once they’ve been in your company for some time, they may even get hooked on you.

You look for a long-lasting and gratifying relationship. Hence, you may become increasingly restless when your relationship lacks spice and excitement. This is your soul’s urge. Its compatibility lies with another soul that can fulfill these urges and give you the spontaneity you seek.

You may go through several relationships because of your soul’s urge. Nonetheless, you must view each relationship as a lesson. Learn the mistakes you made in your previous relationship and ensure that you don’t repeat them in your next one. This way, you can find a partner with whom you can walk toward the sunset.

Career Prospects

The strong determination that accompanies your sheer creativity will never let you feel satisfied in a position of low importance. You love the attention of people, but even more so, you love the glory that a position of power brings. Thus, working at a lower rank can make you feel discontented with your job. 

The smart way out of here would be to pursue careers that let you pour out your true potential. This is also your staircase to success. Hence, don’t limit yourself or what you can achieve in life. 

You are blessed with the gift of self-expression, which naturally attracts you to fields surrounding arts and entertainment, such as acting, writing, dancing, singing, being a comedian, a poet, or even a painter. Moreover, your evergreen social skills and hospitable nature can pave the way to careers that revolve around public speaking. These include journalism, law, acting, etc.

Word of Advice

3s often find themselves in the grasp of suffocating self-doubt due to constant overthinking. A significant factor that ignites this overthinking is an unmanageably strong focus. There are a lot of ideas that you wish to try on a single task. But you mess up when it gets hard for you to balance your overflowing creativity with the work required for the task at hand. 

Your ingenuity is a fantastic quality, but you should apply it wisely. Open the taps of your imagination when required. Other times use your basic resources to get the work done. 

Since you’re so used to people gathering around you on every occasion, your biggest fear can be feeling unwanted. Remember that there is no one else’s company that you need other than your own. Give more importance to amusing yourself than others. This first step towards self-love can work wonders for you in the future.

Never give up on your dreams! This is the worst poison you can feed your soul. Even when you feel burdened by self-criticism, trust that you will find a way out of that mess. Keep walking your path, and you will rise back stronger. Keep a firm balance between unyielding discipline and your creative forces. In the end, you will find that success is just around the corner.