Personality Number 8

Numerology Number 8: Meaning, Life Path, and More

Governed by the planet Saturn, the numerology personality number 8 represents tangibility and realness in life. It is also one of the most prominent numbers in numerology and holds great significance in directing a turn of events. Let’s discover how this turns out for people with the number 8s numerology.

Meaning Of Number 8

The number 8 in numerology personifies the element of transformation. But for transformation to take place, there must be a conclusion. In simpler words, it represents the beginning and the end. 

The never-ending infinite process of life coming to an end somewhere in the world and someone being born in another part of the world is concluded by the number 8. This also associated this numerology number with death and rebirth. 

Another connection to this numerology number is the concept of karma. The saying that everything that goes around comes around can be reflected by the number 8.


Individuals with the numerology number 8 are natural-born leaders. They hold a certain power that makes it seem as if they are entitled to lead. They have outstanding ways of making money and excel in life-saving skills, such as being quick to act or resolve conflicts wisely.

Their numerology opens up the gates to several opportunities that could untap their true potential, eventually leading them to thrive in their careers and amass tremendous wealth. However, this is only possible if they open their eyes to these opportunities and work hard for them.

The expertise of the number 8s lies in the material world, and they have a knack for making things work every time. They can make any business endeavor work in their favor as long as they motivate their team to share their level of enthusiasm and passion.

However, they must not get too carried away with these plus points and believe they will provide a safety shield that protects them from possible misendeavours. In such a case, they must remember not to give up, as one closed door surely means several profitable doors opening up for them.

Resilience, physical strength, and the ability to keep moving forward while arrows are being shot at them are some of their prime strengths.

They are virtuous people and possess unprecedented intelligence. Number 8s need to stay grounded at all times. Their success is made certain by their hard work, but they must remember never to let that turn them into snobs. 


Number 8s are ambitious workers and have a do-or-die mentality. This allows them to achieve even the most challenging tasks with ease. These qualities indicate that they must pursue careers that do not restrict their leadership and other features. A few ideas include business, finance, politics, and law.

With their exceptional leadership skills and the thirst to achieve all they set their minds to, number 8 individuals can also become successful entrepreneurs. Multiple streams of income are a guaranteed gift for the people with number 8, motivating them to seek a bunch of entrepreneurship opportunities.

The start of their career may be unsteady, but given the right amount of time and perseverance, success will surely come around the corner.

Love and Relationships

The triumphs that people with life path number 8 achieve in their professional fields may not necessarily follow through into their love life as well. While they may be the master of tricks in their careers, they may have to learn how to secure a healthy relationship. 

Their immense wealth may attract countless potential partners, but their habit of speaking about things as they are needs to be brought down by a notch. They are also not the best at expressing their feelings or affection for a person making it seem to their partners that they are not interested.

These individuals are in charge of the relationship and do well with submissive partners. On the contrary, they may clash with a partner who is equally controlling and desires charge as them.

Furthermore, their inclination to win at all times may not benefit them in the relationship. They need to understand that a relationship thrives when both partners cooperate. They need to learn to value their partners and support them in their times of need to show their feelings for them exist.

Another relationship advice they must heed is to balance their priorities. The worst thing number 8s can do to their partners is give their work importance over them. This can break the relationship if not considered carefully.

Lucky Aspects

Number 8s attract positive energy from number 1. Hence, dates like the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th can be bountiful for them. 4 is another number that has positive inclinations, but these can take a negative turn just as quickly. Thus, there is no reliability on dates such as the 4th, 22nd, 31st, and 13th. 

Do not be seduced by the dates that add up to the number 8 itself. They are certainly not prosperous and can attract bad luck for the number 8s. 

Yellow is a prominent color in Saturn and a rewarding color for people with the number 8. The darker shades of green and blue may be equally effective. However, they must dodge surrounding themselves with black, brown, or other dusky colors. 

Blue stones, especially the ones that are intact and have six veins, are luxuriant for number 8s. In this regard, blue sapphire makes it to the top of the list, followed by Indra Neelum.

Tarot Card Reading

The 8 of Wands shows a movement in a particular direction. It highlights a sense of purpose and the need to keep moving forward for number 8s.

The 8 of Cups takes a down-hearted turn of events. It represents the importance of number 8s to walk away from their sorrowful yet happy desires and memories to go through a dissolution process to open the gates of success.

The 8 of Swords depicts barriers and fears people with the number 8 would feel after abandoning everything they had. However, to make it to the other side, they must persist and keep moving forward regardless of the situation. The 8 of Swords is about looking their fears straight in the eye and overcoming them.

The 8 of Pentacles presents the obligation for number 8 individuals to master their skills. This kickstarts the wheel of success, which keeps landing on more fruitful outcomes at every turn.