Personality Number 5

Numerology Personality Number 5: Meaning, Life Path, and More

Personality number 5 in numerology is said to redirect energy in a specific direction. It is also highlighted in some world-famous symbols like the Five-Pointed Star and a Square-Based Pyramid. The main focus of number 5 is to keep the Energy within their people growing and evolving. Let’s explore this Energy and see what it means for individuals with the numerology number 5.

Meaning Of Personality Number 5

Five opens up people to embrace change. The stability that was highlighted in previous numbers becomes insignificant here. It takes you away from the materiality of the world and prompts you to pursue growth that does not circulate around worldly norms only. Two words that could sum up what the personality number 5 means for you are “expansion” and “understanding.” 

personality number 5


The energy that the personality number 5 welcomes instills an overflow of passion in people with this numerology number. This results in a character that everyone admires. Another feature of numerology number 5 people is their spontaneity. This combined with their unparalleled passion, helps them achieve success earlier than most. 

They have an inquisitive nature which makes them keen explorers and adventurers. This applies to hobbies, work, and all areas of interest. They are also incredible communicators.

These individuals possess marvelous intelligence and can rely on their intuition to achieve outstanding triumphs. 

Number 5s loathe being put in a box and wish to be free instead. Creativity comes at the forefront for these people, and they are also avid risk-takers. They love a challenge and can handle unpredictable situations like a pro!


Bringing themselves to work for someone is not the ideal career path for personalities of number 5. Besides that, their battling relationship with commitments often serves as a troubleshooter. As a result, they find it impossible to walk down one career path for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, this often makes them feel useless or that they lack a purpose in life.

In this case, their discerning intelligence and versatility come to the rescue. These characters make them adapt to different situations quickly and become good at them. 

Number 5 people can do incredibly well if they work independently or in jobs that challenge them to bring something new to the table or put on a new role on a daily basis. 

Career prospects that seem an excellent fit for them include travel, marketing, teaching, photography, motivational speakers, or filmmakers.

Love and Relationship

Numerology personality number 5 people are popular charmers but are afraid of seeking anything long-term. They seek thrill in their relationships, so once things start turning monotonous, number 4s start detaching themselves from it. 

The only cure for this is for them to find someone who is just as crazy as them. They want someone who shares the same interests and is not scared of trying anything new. Their perfect match lies in finding partners that share their numerology number. However, that may not always be the case. 

They are very flirtatious and can be really loyal once they are in a relationship. They are not overly possessive and will not bind their partners by any rules. In return, they wish for their partners to understand their independence and not cage them.

Lucky Aspects

The personality number 5 in numerology is controlled by Mercury. Their lucky numbers or dates include combinations that add up to 5 or 9. These include 5, 14, 23, 9, 18, and 27. These days attract increased blessings energy so you can entrust them with making important decisions or performing crucial tasks. 

Ash gray, white, and silver are said to do well for them, but other light colors can work just as well. The energy from these colors can be attracted by wearing more of them or by painting your house according to this palette. Dark colors are a hard no for them, especially when they are black and green.

The gemstone for planet mercury is diamond which makes it the first contender for number 5s. Another lucky gemstone they could surround themselves with includes silver. Apart from gemstones, jewelry made of platinum or zircon also attracts positive energy for number 5s.

Tarot Card Reading

The 4 tarot cards in the minor arcana for personality number 5 are an overdose of emotions. The 5 of Wands shows conflict. It shows 5 men trying to perform a task, but each wants their way to prevail. This reflects the individuality of people with the number 5 numerology and expresses the concern that if they keep wanting to do things their way, none of their tasks will be completed.

In the 5 of Cups, the agony and misery portrayed by the figure are visible even when the face is hidden entirely. The fallen cups resemble all the person has lost, and the area beyond the river is all he can gain if he stops mourning over missed opportunities, heartbreaks, or failures. 

Since number 5s do everything passionately, their way of handling grief is also packed with powerful emotions. This is a lesson for them that if they ponder over their misfires that way they can lose potential streams of success.

The 5 of Swords narrates a conflicting tale. It shows two pathways that number 5s can take in the future. The first one is represented by the sad people returning empty-handed. It explains that if you spend too much time grieving over losses, no gains will come your way.

The other person looking face-front with a cheeky smile is the one who has achieved success since he decided to break free from grief and pursue what he believed in.

The 5 of Pentacles is particularly disliked by people. It shows a person in need, yet no one is coming to his aid or willing to help. Its meaning is that failures and misgivings are a part of life, but if you refuse to ask for help, you will ultimately find yourself at the bottom as the personality number 5.