Can Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life?

Tarot cards can ruin your life if you let them take over your life.  Some people do not make a move with anything without having a tarot reading first.  This can become a problem rather quickly since they never let life work itself out ever. Or even know we have free will and meaningful coincidences. A tarot Card reading is meant to be a tool only and give you a deeper sense and not a total way of life or an intrinsic power. 

How Can Tarot Cards Ruin Your life?

Sometimes, people give so much clout or power in real life to astrology or a tarot card reading they get nothing done on a daily basis. They can become “held hostage” in their own life effectively because tarot cards mean too much to them. And their unconscious mind takes over.  

You do not want to make tarot card readings rule your entire life or spirituality. Sure, they can be fun and even hold some meaning, but you must learn a few things about tarot readings first.

Always Use Your Intuition

We all have gut feelings for good reasons and we need to understand they wisdom they give us. Learn to interpret what you feel and your own ability.

Stay Positive In Your Life

Stay as positive as you can and learn to keep fear in check. It will help you take back control and power in your life and help you to stop being negative.

Who Is The Tarot Reading By?

The first one is, what is your relationship with the tarot card reader? Is the person reading very experienced or are they new to doing readings? Learn if tarot cards are accurate.

If you have someone who is new to a tarot reading for you like friends. They might not have the deck experience yet and they may read your cards all wrong. It takes an experienced reader to figure out cards properly and lead you in the right direction.

For instance, with someone inexperienced who will read tarot cards, the “Death” card may come up in the tarot deck. They may take this card as the actual death of someone or something. When it may just signify a change in your life with someone such as leaving a job and getting a new one.

You always want to make sure the person reading cards for you has the experience and has been taught by someone who is experienced with Tarot.

Believing Tarot is Always 100% Accurate

Tarot and even physics can be wrong when you are searching for answers. Therefore, many people just use it for fun in different ways. Again, tarot, numerology and even psychics never get things right 100% of the time and not all tarot readings are on point. 

It guides you in your life’s journey. Never believe everything you read or hear is the adage. The same is true with tarot.

While there are people who have a gift for reading and are even Physic, always remember tarot was used as a game many years ago in the 1430s. It wasn’t until about 1780 in France when tarot cards were used by the occult for reading people’s lives.

Consider A Phycologists Point Of View

Most phycologists do not believe it tarot or anything psychic. They have their reasons and it’s worth considering what they think. Phycologists understand the human mind better than anyone. And we can believe too much in faith and healing. 

And we are being taken advantage of in our time of weakness, like when a reader sees you coming and knows how to figure you out.

If you are believing too much into Tarot, a professional may help you figure things out.

Spending All Your Money

Many times something bad happens, like a loved one leaves us or someone close to you passes away. This can cause a great deal of aggravation for anyone. 

Having such terrible pain can cause anyone to not think clearly and start spending money on tarot. And before you know it, your savings are gone and you have an addiction that leads to a negative life. 

There are some who cannot hold back and get advice from anyone they can. They will visit multiple readers and spend thousands to get the answer they are seeking. 

Again, use tarot within reason and do not spend all your hard-earned money on it.  You could find yourself broke and in the same place you started.

Believing Too Much In Tarot

Social life, that is. Some people believe way too much into tarot. So much that they will not even go outside unless they have a tarot reading for that day. 

Do not get to this point. Do not let tarot ruin your life by making you Howard Hughes and going nowhere.

You don’t want to become paralyzed because you didn’t get a reading.  Life is short and there is always much to do.  Sure, you may hurt over a lost love life or something else.  But also remember life is meant to be lived too. 

The other issue with believing too much in tarot is the future. As humans, it’s natural we want to know what the future holds for us.  But for some, wanting to know the future is paramount and they will seek many ways to know it. This can create a sense of helplessness, which is no go for anyone.   

While knowing your future can be great, it can also paralyze you from living a worry-free life.


Tarot is meant to guide and not rule our lives. If it rules us, then many things, from losing finances to not having a social life and taking anyone further from the truth. If you have an issue with tarot or psychic, then find help from a professional who can get you on the right track. We should live a good life and be happy and while things happen, and tarot can help us figure some things out, it does only that help us and not rule us.

What do you mean by “ruin you life”?

What we mean is letting the cards over take everything you do it life. When someone does this they do not do anything without consulting tarot cards.

When should you not do Tarot cards?

If you are looking for an exact answer then they may not be the answer. Tarot cards cannot tell you what somebody is doing for example.

Is it OK to read my own Tarot cards?

Yes, you can. Make sure you have enough practice and understand the meaning of each card.

Can tarot cards help you make decisions?

In many ways they can. However, they are more used for general readings like more yes or no.

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