What To Ask A Psychic

Many people develop relationships with their psychic and understand what they are looking for overtime. But if you don’t have a lot of money, get more specific so you don’t waste it.

Before a reading many people have questions. And it all depends on what you want to figure out and what information you are trying to receive.

So, you really want to take your time and write down questions before you go to a psychic reading. Psychics cost good money, especially online, and you can spend a lot of money before you know it. Even if the reader has spirit guides, things can move quickly and you can waste money.

So, what we suggest you do is take time and think about what informations you want to ask at a psychic reading before the session.

Take the time to write down everything on a piece of paper. And take time to go over them before your reading.

Before you go you might want to write down twenty or more questions.  Think of it this way the more detailed your question, the more detail the answer a psychic reading may provide you.

Once you you get there, you may find yourself going in a whole different direction. Therefore, the exercise of writing everything down is especially important. it can save you money and help you really get to the point getting all your questions answered.

Always take your time to review on any website for a psychic who may be right for you. It may take a little time to find the correct one. Read here how to find the right psychic for you.

Other Things You Might Want to Ask

Employment or your career path

They can tell you about about a current job situation, or you may be looking for a new job. They can help you figure out if you’re going to get a new job or if you need to take a new career path. They can also help you figure out work relationships or if you are having a problem with any coworker.

love Life questions and relationship advice

They can help you figure out any issues with your current love, relationship, boyfriend, girlfriend, current partner, an ex or if you are going to fall in love with somebody new. Relationship advice and love questions are a gigantic business for them and is why you see many psychics offer tarot readings and anything about love.

Some may ask you to focus on the person you’re in love with before the reading. This helps them to gain more insight and really focus on the person of interest.

Family Members

You may have questions about some family members or other loved ones, especially if a loved one has passed away recently. Even about your in laws, your brother, sister or even a friend.

Health concerns questions

Many times, psychic networks will not let them answer anything about health due to various legal reasons. One such network is keen.com. However, other networks like Kasamba.com does allow their psychic to answer health questions. Just be prepared for what the psychic might tell you.

Past life

Some psychics specialize in the past lives of persons and can show you what you did during this time. This can be remarkably interesting and informative to anyone.

Past lives readings are also interesting because they can help you figure out future events in your life. It has been said that a person in all their lives sometimes tends to do the same things over and over.


Sometimes people have questions about their pets, whether they are living or deceased. A pet psychic can help you figure out a current situation with your pets. They may help you figure out things like why your pet is whining all the time or why are they very territorial.


There are many psychics who only specialize in numerology. You may want to visit one of these psychics and ask them questions because you’ve been seeing a certain number repeatedly.

Financial questions

You may have burning questions about your finances. A reading about your finances can help you figure out many things like if you need to save more money or are you going to make more money? Financial is another vast area for psychics and there are many who specialize in it. When it comes to asking financial questions, always make sure to take your time and write down your questions before your reading.

Dream interpretation

There are many psychics who are particularly good at dream interpretation. Many times, we have dreams, and we just do not understand the reason behind them. Some people tend to have the same dreams over and over and really want answers as to why. A dream interpretation psychic can truly help you figure out what your dreams mean.


Astrology is a very vast subject and having questions to ask and answered by an astrology expert can help you figure out your overall life in general. If you genuinely want to better your life, an astrology reading may be just for you. Be prepared to give your birthday before the reading.

Life Path questions

There are also many psychics out there who are also life coaches. What these people do is interpret your life through a reading and then it helps you to better your life. A life question psychic might be perfect for you if you are looking to advance more in your career.

Spiritual readings

These are not just about religion many times they are also about becoming in touch with oneself. They tend to make people feel better, especially if they are particularly good people.

What to expect if you are a first time caller

If you’ve never had a psychic reading before, you may not get all your questions answered on the first call. Sometimes it takes a few phone calls with a psychic to pick up on your energy fully.

Many first time callers may need the help of the advisor to help them figure out all the questions to ask that they want answered.  It may take you a while to get comfortable with your psychic until you can fully understand each other.

Types of readings

When figuring our what questions to ask readers, there are two types of readings. There is a specific reading and a general reading. You may be calling a psychic reader for the first time because you just want to figure out something specific in your life which are also known as a general reading. It’s completely OK if you start with your new psychic with a general reading.

Just know some readers have spirit guides who will answer your questions fast. While others can have a spirit guide who is much slower in delivering messages. It all depends on how fast they pick up on your energy.

Things To Keep In Mind Before A Reading.

Before any reading, you should always keep an open mind. If you are negative at all during your reading, that may block the psychic reader from really making a connection with you. Also, try to be clear, concise and as direct as you can be during your reading. If it helps, you may want to practice in front of a mirror before you go on your phone call with your psychic.

We all have free will, and this may always affect the outcome of other predictions. So when thinking about what to ask, don’t always expect an exact reading unaffected by this. Also, never try to test your psychic to see if they really have true ability. This will always surely affect the outcome of any reading.

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