Types Of Psychics and A New Look

In this article, we are going to look at the types of psychics, clairvoyants, people who have E.S.P., and mystics.

What does it all mean? Is it real? Is it good, or evil? Some people lump them all into one, but they’re not.

Typically speaking; a clairvoyant is someone that can make contact with someone who has parted, and sense or feel what the people closest to them. This is less than what an actual physic can do.

types of psychics

Types Of Psychics And What They See

Types of psychics can see, or feel the past, present, and to some degree; the future. They also have what people call E.S.P., but is it real?

The answer is not black and white. Some people do have some ability; while others have a great deal of ability. There are other people that fake it. So how can you tell?

Let’s take a look at the tricks some people will use in order to get your money. Let’s say you’re about 40 years old, and you go a physic. A person that really doesn’t have any ability will say something like “You have lost a family member”.

The problem is if you are in your 40’s, odds are that’s true. Let use the same example of someone that has a real ability. When you talk to this person, they say “You recently lost your mother of cancer”.

This is much more precise, and if it’s true, you know the person has the ability. The point I am trying to make is phonies will use vague terms, and ask probing questions. They will watch your body language and how you react to specific questions.

The other trick other types of psychics will use is they will say something that is close to a common occurrence, like “You have been in an accident”.

They won’t say what type, or when. A statement like that could be something as simple as a fall getting out of the shower, to your car being totaled.

So other types of psychics, you see how being vague, can make it appear they have a gift.

I am in my 50’s and I have physic abilities, but I have never charged for “A reading”. Remember, at the beginning of this article I mentioned about E.S.P.? That is one difference between a physic, and a clairvoyant.

Physics will have some level of E.S.P. as well. They work hand in hand like a firefighter who is also a paramedic. One skill, or ability takes over when the other skill isn’t needed.

So, what is E.S.P.? We all know what it stands for, but how is it different than the others? E.S.P. presents itself in terms of a feeling something is about to happen, or you know what cards your gin partner has.

Let me share a story with you of something that happened when I was about 8 years old to give you an idea.

My mom, and I were going to the store. There were two routes that were about equal in length, and time. We normally took the same route when we would go, but that day something just told us not to.

We took the other route, and found out later that there was a fatal accident at the intersection we would have been at if we had gone the usual way.

I agree that could have just been a conscience, but when things like that happen all your life, I think you can see how E.S.P. works.

One point I would love to make here is it all has its limitations. Some people are harder to get feelings from than others.

Sometimes your own emotions will prevent you from being accurate, or getting any feelings at all. Distance in miles usually doesn’t play a role, but distance in regards to relationships can.

I never knew my mom was going to pass away at age 57, I never knew how she would die.

I was never able to get feelings about myself in regards to health issues, or love. That could be my weak point, or it could be limits all physics have. In the title I asked, is it good or is it evil? The answer is both.

I know, you’re wondering what the hell does he mean. What kind of answer is that? In most cases it comes down to the person, and what type of mystic power they are using.

Physics can believe in Jesus or Satan. I almost always say an “Our father” before reading someone because I don’t know what to expect. Some other forms of fortune telling, or mystic powers are more satanic in nature.

Most common, and the evilest forms is the Ouija board. You have seen them used in several horror films, but the truth is they are very dangerous.

I wouldn’t touch one if I was in a church during mass. The other item most commonly used by black magic are Tarot cards. Not all people that use Tarot cards are evil in spirit, or practice black magic. In my experience most of them do.

The second part to that is that people that do not know what they are doing may accidentally allow a demonic spirit into them while using the cards.

So, what about reading palms? My experience is that it is very limited as to what you can find out. I know you can tell a lot about a person by their hands, but not how long their going to live, or if they will marry.

You have a long “Life Line”. That is so subjective. Is long 60 years or 90? I think you see my point.

Can anyone tell you what your future holds? To be honest not really. Everybody’s future is not set in stone so being able to tell you what your future holds is close to impossible.

I maybe able to tell you that the person dating will end bad, but that person’s future isn’t set in stone either.

For other types of psychics the future is too fluid to be able to tell someone with any precision. The final point is people with real abilities don’t need cards, tea leaves, or a crystal ball to be able to tell you what you want to know. All they need is the ability.

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