How To Find a Real Psychic Medium

To find a real psychic medium you need to look for reviews on websites and talk with friends who have used one. It can be hard to find a real one and many people end up spending a small fortune trying to find one.

How to find a real psychic medium can be a challenge most of the time. The reason is there are many fakes out there who claim to be real and are not.

Many just take a job on a site like because they need the side income and are pretty good at reading people so they give it a try.

And if they a decent at reading people they will make good money.

Spotting Fake Psychics

If you are looking for a psychic on the internet then you will need to look at reviews on websites such as or

Take your time to review the psychics and look at their star ratings and reviews about what people say about them.

When looking at reviews always read them in depth. You want to look for a decent amount of reviews also. And you want to see if they have been doing this for a while. Anyone who has been reading for over 5 years is a good start.

If you decide to call a psychic and they seem to babble on about things and never really truly answer your questions, they are buying time and most likely are not real.

While many real psychics do ask question a fake one will keep asking questions. They may also read you the same thing on other calls.

Some psychics will read from a reader board and tell you the same thing over and over every time you seem to call them. These are usually not genuine readers.

Most real ones will also take a minute or two to answer your question so they can get in tune with their guides.

Are Real Psychics Ever Wrong

Yes, a real psychic can be wrong for many reasons. They may have not been feeling well that day, or maybe they didn’t have a good connection with you.

Just because they get one or two things wrong does not always mean they are fake.

You have to remember for most psychics it is a gift they usually hear or feel. They are not God and know everything all the time.

They are meant to be more of a guide and you should not always take everything they say as a literal fact.

Do Real Psychics Use Tarot Cards?

Yes, they sure can. Some have developed their abilities along with tarot cards to further enhance their skill.

Many people think because someone uses tarot cards they are fake when this is clearly not the case.

Now, on the other side of things, many fake mediums do use tarot cards because they learn the skill or reading cards. While some do believe just using cards can tell future events a skilled reader with actual psychic abilities will read much better.

Look For A Website That Tests Or Certifies Their Psychics

Some websites will ask their applicants to take a test and prove their psychic ability. These are usually simple test about prediction but can help prove they do have psychic ability.

These websites will then interview the candidate sometimes over a series of interviews before they hire them for their website.

Are Real Psychics Always Expensive

When it comes to psychic readers, its not always a get what you pay for kind of thing. Some real ones are cheap and some are very expensive as high as $50 a minute.

Now of course, paying over $50 a minute is crazy and no one is advised to pay that much for a reading.

If you look around you can find some good honest readers for cheap, around $1.99 a minute or sometimes even less.

Just because they cost much less does not mean they are not real. Remember you can go broke paying for psychics and many people find themselves in this position because they are trying to solve a problem or their relationship just ended.

This really can hurt a person and knock them down. But once a reader tells you something do not try and search for only the answer you want to hear.

Always seek professional help if you are going in financial dire straights because of your spending on psychics. Things like tarot cards can ruin your life.

Join A Forum Who Chats About Psychics

You can always join a forum online that covers the topic of psychics. In these forums you will find people who might have found a very good reader and recommend them.

Reddit has a subreddit you can join about mediums for example.

Beware There Are Many Who Say Psychics Are Fake

We throw this one in here because we think you should know there are many who say all Psychics are fake.

You can actually find people who who have admitted to posing as a fake psychic. now, just like anything else you read or hear especially online, you need to take some things with a grain of salt. Some of these things could be real and some fake.

Conclusion About Psychics

There are many ways to learn how to spot a real psychic medium weather in person or online. Just be aware mediums are big business these days and there are many who do it for side and fulltime income who have no real ability at all.

Don’t ever spend all your savings on readings and always take to someone if you think you need help.

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