How Do Psychics Read You

Many people wonder how do psychics read you when they go for a reading, especially for the first time. They wonder if psychics are real or if they are fake. It is actually an excellent question to ask because there are fake psychics out there, but there are also real ones too. 

Each psychic seems to have a unique gift or a different way that they receive messages from the spiritual world or read people.

Some psychics are very kinesthetic in the way they read, while others receive messages while they read tarot cards.

Many psychics received their gift at a young age

Many people who claim to be psychics say that they received their gift at a very young age.

They say that they received messages from the spiritual world or that they began seeing different things. Many of these people are also either second, third and fourth generation psychics. 

If you were to talk to one and ask how do psychics read you, they would tell you, one day when they were young, that something happened.

Many of them also say they were very scared before they under understood their gift.

How Do Psychics Read You (Real Ones)

If the person you are receiving a reading from is a real psychic, they don’t really read you.

They won’t ask you too many questions and they won’t fish for information. A real psychic read you by the messages they receive from their spirit guides.

Real psychics have this innate ability to really understand in their own way how to perform a reading for someone.

Now that’s not to say that they do not train some in psychology and understand human emotion.

Still, if the person is a real psychic, this will truly shine through even if they are reading you during your session. This will only help and truly deliver a good session for you.

Some will read through Spirit Guides

Some psychic readers receive messages from spirit guides in different formats.  some receive messages in their thoughts, and some claim they see visions while they are reading.

Some psychics must take a few minutes after you ask a question to really deliver the message they received to you.

Many times, this is the sign of a true psychic, but can also be faked by a true scammer.

A Vision Reader

Some psychics must close their eyes and get a vision about any questions you ask them.

They may receive messages that are chunked to them, and it may take them time to deliver the full message to you during a reading.

Tarot Card Readers

Some very gifted psychics use tarot cards to read people.

It’s not always that they have to use the tarot cards to read people, it just helps bring their message to full light while they read.

Some of these readers who did receive their gift early on life learned about things like tarot cards to help them read people.

And once they started using tarot cards, they never looked back. However, using tarot cards does not make somebody who is a real psychic less of a psychic.

Clairvoyant Readers

There are true clairvoyant readers who will be able to answer a question almost as soon as you seem to ask it. 

These people are just guided by their ability and thoughts just seem to almost pop up in their head. 

Most of them don’t really read you, they usually just give you answers to your questions.

A true clairvoyant reader is very hard to come by and sometimes people can spend thousands trying to find a real one.    

How Does A Fake Psychic Read You

Unfortunately, fake psychics are all over the place.

They run rampant on many websites online and Street corners even in your neighborhood.  You can see their bright, very flashy signs hanging windows in business and home locations.

While some fake psychics are very easy to tell if they’re a scam, some are not as easy.

Some of these people are very good at reading people and asking all the right questions to make you believe that they know what they’re talking about.

Reading people is both a science and an art which has been proven by PT Barnum. 

He proved that a person could lead another person down the path and make them believe that they knew things about them and their future.

Others are just very street smart and can read people and are able tell if they are weaker or stronger in personality.

Don’t Get Taken For A Ride By A Fake Psychic

If you do get a reading from a psychic and it just doesn’t feel right, always trust your gut feelings.

You don’t want to find yourself wasting lots of money on somebody who didn’t even have a gift at all.

Always look at reviews for the psychic and even interview them if you can. If they won’t even talk to you on the phone for five minutes so you can ask him questions about their background, they may not be worth even visiting.

If they seem to always leave you in a cliffhanger to, then it may be a sign, they are fake as well. 

Always check for a refund policy with anyone you visit when trying to figure out how do psychics read you.

This is why I may be worth it to visit a popular online psychic network so you can get a refund if you feel the reading was not adequate.

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