House Number Numerology:

Find Out The Significance Of Your House Number

Each house you move into has a past and hence a story of its own. Even if you’re constructing a new house on a piece of property, that land has had its own history. Although people hardly give this aspect any thought, when you look closely, you’ll realize that each house has its unique personality. 

Numerology has long been a source of answers when there seemed to be none. Through numbers, numerology has helped people see connections that cannot be seen or understood otherwise. Even numbers associated with your house’s address have significance. If this topic interests you, keep reading to explore the meaning of your house and the importance it holds for you. 

The Link Between Numerology And Your House Number

To a large extent, you can get an idea about the life you would be leading in your new home through the numbers in its address. Generally, all numbers have some positive connotations. However, there are a few numbers that you must avoid at all costs. For instance, houses with numbers that add up or reduce to 13, 14, 19, or 16 are not ideal options for you to move into. These numbers are referred to as Karmic Debt Numbers in numerology. 

Karmic Debt Numbers symbolize the possibility of hurdles, challenges, or bad news affecting your life. These numbers have a negative vibe and are thus known to attract negativity toward themselves. A new home indicates a new start. Numerology can help you distinguish good choices from bad ones so that your new life is all you had dreamed of. 

Calculate The Numerology Number Of Your House

The numerology number of your house is derived from its address. This is why it is also sometimes called Address or Property Numerology. Note down all the numbers in your house’s address and add them together. If there are alphabets along with the numbers, you must also include them in the numerology calculation. For instance, if your address is R-462 Main Street, you must add all the numbers and the numerical value assigned to your address’s alphabet(s). To find out the numerical value of each alphabet, refer to the chart below.

1: A, J, S

2: B, K, T

3: C, L, U

4: D, M, V

5: E, N, W

6: F, O, X

7: G, P, Y

8: H, Q, Z

9: I, R

Since the value of R is 9, you would add all the numbers in the following way.

 9+4+6+2 = 21

Since 21 is a double-digit number, you must add them together to arrive at a single digit. 

2+1 = 3

Thus, your house number numerology is 3. To find out what that means, keep reading.

Note: If you’re living in an apartment building, don’t use your complete address for this calculation. Only use your unit number since that is your very own unique number.

House Number Numerology Meanings

After you’ve calculated your house number, it’s time to discover its numerology meaning. Continue reading to find the personality of your house and the hidden secrets it can reveal for you!

House Number 1

According to numerology, house number 1 signifies sovereignty, strength, and new beginnings. It’s an ideal dwelling place for self-employed individuals or those living alone. It is surrounded by the energy required when starting a business or discovering what they want to do with life. 

House Number 2

Number 2 stands for warmth, hospitality, and nurturing. It’s a home for people with families or those looking forward to starting a family. This is because the energy of the house encourages belonging and harmony. It’s a lovely place for those who love throwing large gatherings and hosting parties.

House Number 3

The address numerology for this number revolves around entertainment, creativity, and good vibes. This makes it the perfect place for artists or those with overflowing creativity. Apart from this, these houses are remarkable options for holding parties because of the upbeat and optimistic energy surrounding them.

House Number 4

Number 4 in house numerology represents discipline, protection, and practicality. This means that houses with this number are bound for structure. If, due to some reasons, you are unable to expand your business or are facing hurdles to achieving your goals, moving into a house with numerology number 4 can be beneficial for you. The protective energy of this house reflects all the negative energy advancing towards it. This leaves you with good luck and prosperity.

House Number 5

House number 5 involves an overflow of energy, activity, and a dynamic experience. The house’s walls are infused with vibrant energy, allowing families to throw the best parties in town. If enjoyment and a refreshing break from the monotony of life are what you want, houses with the number 5 numerology are where you need to move in.

House Number 6

The numerology of house number 6 indicates a paradise of love, harmony, and family life. Like house number 2, number 6 is the ideal place to move into if your immediate plans are to extend your family.

House Number 7

Houses with the numerology of the number 7 tend to be aloof from the chaos of the outside world. Within its walls, you will find spiritual awakening and an opportunity for self-reflection. It’s the best place for introverts or those who desire quiet and peaceful surroundings. 

House Number 8

The vibe of house number 8 supports abundance, prosperity, and growth. It can develop into the hub for workaholics and is thus a great fit for entrepreneurs or career-focused people. Some of the most innovative ideas are developed in houses with number 8.

House Number 9

The numerology of house number 9 reflects understanding, acceptance, and kindness. There is a place for everyone in houses with the number 9 numerology. The energy of this place resonates with those who have big hearts and love helping others. Thus, people that actively indulge in humanitarian work will find that this place connects with them.

Word Of Advice

The numerology of your house must not be your sole decision to buy a house. Other essential factors need consideration before you decide to move in. These include the neighborhood, cost, location, and size, among other factors. A house with a numerology number that aligns with what you seek is a bonus. In reality, the house number numerology informs you about the place’s personality and vibe.

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